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Togo / Covid-19: Compassion International at the bedside of vulnerable groups

© AfreePress-(Lomé, 3rd june 2020)- Faced with the outbreak of confirmed cases of coronavirus, the Togolese Government is making its efforts to protect its populations as best it can.


Several national and international organizations are mobilizing. Compassion International Togo is no exception. The organization has given its support to the government through the National Coordination for the Management of the Response to COVID-19 and the Ministry of Social Action, Promotion of Women and Literacy.
For the donors, this gesture constitutes a support of solidarity towards the most disadvantaged segments of the population, as explained by Ms. Sarah Kaglan, representative of the NGO.
“Knowing that the Government is in action against this pandemic, we resolve that we cannot sit back and do nothing. We would have to help to make the fight more effective. We expect the goal to be achieved,” said Ms. Kaglan Sarah.
The donations, consisting of health and food kits, will be used to lead the fight against the invisible enemy of the time and will be targeted at vulnerable groups including children, youth, women, etc. affected by the pandemic.
These include 5,000 surgical masks, 500 bottles of 500 ml hydro-alcoholic gels, 50 hand washing devices, 30,000 gloves, 500 bags of rice of 30 kg, 421 bags of 50 kg maize, 200 cartons of pastas.
This compassionate gesture was a support to the Government. “Your approach today is a real boost to the implementation of the programme to strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable groups developed by our ministry in the context of covid-19,” said Mrs. Tchabinadi Kolani Tchabinadi YENTCHARE, Minister of Social Action, Promotion of Women and Literacy.
“On behalf of the Government, I sincerely thank Compassion International and assure our dear partner that their donations will be put to good use and will reach the real beneficiaries,” she said.
The beneficiaries present at the handover were very grateful to Compassion International and promised to make good use of the kits.
These kits are financed by Compassion International at a cost of about 21 000 000 FCFA.

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