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Togo / Covid-19: The prefecture of Agou receives support from the federation of the 13 local CDEJs in the fight against Covid-19

Known as the Action for Consolidation of the Fight against Covid-19, launched by the federation of the 13 Child and Youth Development Center (CDEJ) of the churches of the Agou cluster in partnership with the NGO Compassion International Togo, this action consists of donating hygiene kits respectively to the communes of Agou 1 and Agou 2 forming the Agou prefecture.


The donation of gels dispensers, hydro-alcoholic gels, soap, and other items amounting to 3.640.000F CFA, took place in two stages during a solemn ceremony that brought together administrative and religious authorities and some leaders of CDEJs of the Agou cluster. Firstly, at the Agou 1 Commune, the prefecture premises served as a framework for the success of the ceremony.

According to Pastor ETSI-DOGBOE Gilles, Coordinator of the federation, the mobilization of the 13 CDEJs of the Agou cluster creating the federation to carry out this action, is part of the logic of accompanying and supporting the Togolese government by equipping the agents given that the pandemic exists on the Togolese territory. The spiritual aspect and the mobilization of the churches should not be forgotten for the effective eradication of this epidemic.


These donations made today are intended for the Prefecture, Agou 1 & 2 Town Hall, Social Affairs Office, the Police, the Gendarmerie, the Peripheral Care Units (USP), Agou Hospital, the Prefectural Health Division (DPS) and denominational schools. “These donations are intended for services that are at the forefront fighting Coronavirus disease. These services will use the donation to reinforce the barrier measures recommended by the health services and the government to eradicate this disease,” said NYASSOGBO Koffi Prefectural Director of Social Action, Representative of the Prefect. “The reception of these hygiene kits in our commune today is a plus and a relief in the sense that, we will use them to motivate our populations to reinforce the barrier measures and protection in these times of health crisis. As a result, each individual who arrives at the Town Hall must disinfect his hands before entering the offices of the Town Hall,” added YOVO Yao Dagbé 1st Deputy Mayor Agou 1.

Secondly, the Commune of Agou 2 in AMOUSSOUKOPE was also visited by the federation of 13 CDEJs with hygiene kits. The Mayor of the Commune SAKPA Koffi expressed his gratitude to the federation which thought of the new commune by equipping it through donations that will replace the stock that is already depleted in the locality.


Throughout the two donation ceremonies, the main objective, which is to support the state institutions that are fighting against Covid-19, was largely achieved, suggested SOPO Komlan Didier, Coordinator at CDE MAWULOLO TG 0928, Representative of the Organizing Commission.

Besides the donations that will keep on coming, Compassion International Togo with its partner churches and CDE intends to continue their actions in various forms such as sensitization and prayers for those who are at the front in the common fight against the coronavirus.

The federation of the 13 Child and Youth Development Center (CDEJ) of the churches of the Agou cluster consists of CDEJ Ebenezer Gadjagan TG0710, CDEJ la Grâce TG0606, CDEJ Don Buchon Agoe-Akodessewa TG0823, CDEJ Mawulolo EEPT Agou-Klounou, CDEJ La lumière TG0605, CDEJ La Grâce TG 0931, CDEJ Espoir TG0224 Pentecôte Amavenou, CDEJ EEPT Espoir Mesiwobe TG0930, CDEJ Béni TG0712 Deeper-Life, CDEJ Bénédiction EEPT TG0929, CDEJ Etoile du matin TG0526 Agou Atigbé Dzogbépémé, CDEJ Bethel TG0297 EEPT Agou Nyogbo, CDEJ Mawu fe Asi TG0223

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