Togo’s accession to the Commonwealth: Compassion International Togo raises awareness among young people about the opportunities and benefits to be drawn from it

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, July 25, 2022)- A hundred young people participated, Saturday July 23, 2022 in Lomé, in an information forum on the opportunities of Togo’s accession to the Commonwealth market.

Focused on the theme: « Togo’s accession to the Commonwealth: Challenges and opportunities », this forum organized by the NGO Compassion International Togo was mainly moderated by eminent panelists from the Togolese diplomatic corps. “Compassion International Togo has more than 75,000 young people and children in its program and of this number, 26% are young people. So, for us, having understood the advantages of Togo’s membership of the Commonwealth, we thought it best to allow the young people in the program to be informed about the opportunities that this approach of Togo presents for them, so that they can anticipate a number of programs that we have in view. Who has the information has the power to act and succeed”, said the National Director of Compassion International Togo, Olivier Koffi AHONON.

The participants in this forum are mainly composed of young entrepreneurs and students. And they were equipped, on this occasion, on several themes that revolve around scholarship and business opportunities on the Commonwealth market.

« We asked ourselves the question of what is the use of this membership of our country in the Commonwealth? Today we have the answer thanks to this forum led by diplomats. They told us more about the economic benefits of the fact that Togo is now open to about 55 Commonwealth countries. Our country can interact with these countries economically, culturally and socially, which was not easy before this partnership. Also, with this membership, we young Togolese can now learn, undertake or build business relationships with these countries and vice versa. The other advantage to grab is the scholarships that are available to go and study in these Commonwealth countries. In short, academically, economically and in terms of training, the young Togolese has several opportunities to seize from this Commonwealth partnership,” suggested Apeke Momo, one of the guests at the forum.

For more details, the trainers invited the young people to consult the official site of Togolese diplomacy and other digital platforms linked to the Commonwealth.

It should be remembered that the Commonwealth has 56 member countries with a large market of around 2.5 billion consumers, according to experts.

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